Eureka Airspeed Hose Coupling 82653-355N


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Hose coupling for select Eurek Airspeed and Air Speed Technology upright vacuum cleaner models.

Eureka parts: 82653-355N and 82653-625N.

Coupling for Eureka AirSpeed and Air Speed Technology vacuums:

AS1000A, AS1000A, AS1001A, AS1001AE, AS1001AX, AS1002A, AS1002AE, AS1004A, AS1008AX

AS1041A, AS1048A, AS1049A, AS1050A, AS1051A, AS1052AX, AS1053AX, AS1055AX, AS1061A, AS1092A

AS1101A, AS1101B, AS1104A, AS1104AX,

ASM1025A, ASM1026A, ASM1035A, ASM1036A, ASM1065A, ASM1066A, ASM1075A, ASM1076A, ASM1085A, ASM1086A

ASM1105A, ASM1106A, ASM1115A, ASM1116A, ASM1155A, ASM1156A

Replacement hose coupling for Eureka vacuum cleaner part numbers 82653355N and 82653625N.

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