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My Password Is Not Working

Do not type into the password field if it contains any dots. Delete the dots first. The field should be empty.

If the password doesn't work it is almost always for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. The password is not entered in an exact manner. Some characters look alike and it can be confusing. The password is case-sensitive.

2.The password field was not empty before you started.

If That Didn't Help

Reply to the password reset email so that is is sent to us at and we'll make sure there isn't an issue. We'll get back to you via email asap.

Call the store for help between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm est weekdays and saturday - 1-888-673-2572. We return voice messages.

I Didn't Receive the Password

The password is emailed immediately. How quick it comes depends on your email provider. We've seen it take up to 15 minutes.

Check your Junk or Spam email folders if you don't receive the email in a couple of minutes.

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