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Windsor Sensor Vacuum Bags


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Envirocare replacement bags designed to fit ALL Sensor models made by Windsor. The Sensor S, XP, SRS and SR upright series can all use these bags.

Versamatic PLUS vacuums also use this size vac bag (The PLUS series is the ONLY Versamatic vacuum model that these bags will fit.).

10 bags made by envirocare. Same size as the 5300 and 8.600-050.0 (86000500) bag. Disposable paper bags.

Examples of Winsdor Sensor vacuums that use this bag include: S12, S15, XP12, XP15 and XP18.

Versamatic PLUS vacuums that use this vacuum include: Versamatic PLUS 14 and 18, PLUS VSP14 and VSP18