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Simplicity B HEPA Vacuum Bags


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Type B Simplicity Hepa vacuum bags for Simplicity 7 series and 7000 series upright vacuum cleaners.

6 pack of Simplicity B Hi Flow HEPA vacuum bags. Also referred to as Simplicity part SBH-6 (SBH6).

Simplicity bag S7-6 (S76) is now know as bag SBH-6.

Examples of vacuum models that use the Simplicity B hepa bag include:

7 Series (7700, 7750, 7850, etc.)

7000 Series (7200, 7250, 7300, 7350, etc.)

Commercial Models (7400, 7450, 7900, 7950, etc.)

HiFlow HEPA vacuum bags made of synthetic cloth. Simplicity Type B bags are made by Simplicity.

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