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Simplicity A Vacuum Bags S6-12


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Paper Type A Simplicity vacuum bags with Healthy Home Allergen Suppression Technology.

Simplicity bags # S6-12 (12 pack of vacuum cleaner bags).

Simplicity A bags featuring BioClear are designed to fit the following upright Simplicity vacuum cleaner models:

  • Symmetry - models that do NOT have a red vac bag collar

  • 6 Series (6600, 6670, 6900, 6970, etc.).

  • 6000 series (6100, 6370, 6400, 6550, 6570, etc.).

  • 5000 series (4800, 5200, 5300, etc.).

  • Commercial models (5500, 6870)

Simplicity Type A vacuum bags made by Simplicity.

6 times better filtration than a standard bag. Micro-Static Liner: Electrostatically charged prolyproplene micro fibers. Captures particles as small as 0.1 micron including many pollens, spores, bacteria, dust mites and allergens.

Simplicity Symmetry using Type A bag include SYM-USAFS, SYMUSA-SU, SYMCL-USA, SYMCL and SYMP.