Shop Vac 90661 Type E Bags 5 to 8 Gallon


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Replacement ShopVac bags for 5 to 8 gallon units with a side inlet for dry pickup.

Replaces shopvac bag 9066100, 906-61-00, 90661.

3 vac bags in a package.

These generic shop vac bags will fit the following shop vac units in the 5, 6 and 8 gallon size range:

12RT300, 4045, 6045AH, 84L250B, 84L300, 84M250B

85L350,85M300, 86L350, 86M300

87L350, 87L450, 87M300, 87M350

90M300, 92L350, 92M300

H87S550A, H87S650C

QL20ATS, QL20ATSP, QPL40 and QPL650.

Envirocare bag 712SW.

For dry pick up only. Replaces Type E bag.

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