Sebo X-C-370 Vacuum Bags (10 pack)


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Designed to fit ALL Sebo Automatic X uprights, Essential G uprights, 370 uprights and C series canister vacuum models.

Examples of Sebo vacuums that use this vac bag include:

  • Sebo Automatic X, X1, X2, X4 and X5
  • Sebo Essential G1 and G2
  • Sebo 370 Electronic & Comfort
  • Sebo Mechanical 300 & 350
  • Sebo AirBelt Canister models C1.1, C2.1 and C3.1

10 replacement disposable paper allergen vacuum bags in a package.

Replacement for Sebo parts:

5093AM (5093 AM), 5093ER (5093 ER) and 5093.

Example of vacuums using this bag includes:

Sebo canister canister models:

9648AM, 9646AM, 9630AM, 9652AM

Sebo upright vacuum models:

9591AT, 9591AM, 9592AT, 9592AM, 9501AM, 9558AM, 9570AM, 9574AM, 9577AM, 90504AM, 9580AM, 9587AM, 90703AM, 9703AM, 91303AM, 91313AM

Sebo vacuum bags made by envirocare.

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