Royal Type B HEPA Bags (3 pack)


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Royal HEPA type filtration bag Type B.

Royal bag 3-871075-001 (3871075001).

Traps 100% of pollen, 99.9% of dust and allergens. Lined with electrostatically charged fibers.

Genuine replacement bag for Royal. Yellow colored disposable paper vac bag.

Type B vacuum bags fit Royal upright vacuums that fill from the top area of the vacuum bag area (as opposed to the very bottom of the vacuum bags area).

Examples of Royal vacuums that use a type B bag include:

1018, 1018Z, 1025, 1028, 1028Z, 1030, 1030Z, 1058, 1058Z

673, 673Z, 7730, 7730Z, 089000

RY6400, RY8500, RY8100, RY8200, RY8300 and RY8400

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