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Riccar B HEPA Vacuum Bags


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Each box contains 6 Riccar Type B HEPA filtration vacuum bags. HEPA bag are made with a white, synthetic cloth like material for optimal protection and filtration.

Replacement for Riccar 8000 and 8900 Series, Riccar 8900 Premier HEPA filtration bag, RBH-6 (RBH6) and C15H-6 (C15H6). .

Riccar B HEPA bags will fit the following Riccar upright vacuum models:

  • 8000 series (8715, 8750, 8625, 8650, 8800, 8850, 8800)
  • 8000 series (8625A, 8650A, 8715A, 8750A, 8850A)
  • 8900 series (8900, 8920, 8905, 8955, 8925)

Our Riccar parts are made by Tacony. Tacony owns and makes parts for Simplicity and Riccar. We sell the Simplicity brand. Riccar and Simplicity vac parts are of equal quality.