Panasonic Upright Wand AC40PZG1V06


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This wand DOES NOT have tabs. Panasonic vacuum wand for upright vacuum cleaners that use Panasonic part AC40PZG1V06.

Grey vacuum cleaner wand. Approximately 19.5 inches in length. Plastic.

This wand replaces Panasonic part AMC40P-ZG1V006 (AMC40P-ZG1V006).

Examples of Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners that come with this wand part include:

MC-UG371 MC-V415

MC-V5003 MC-V5004 MC-V5005 MC-V5007

MC-V5117 MC-V5190

MC-V5209 MC-V5227 MC-V5248 MC-V5257 MC-V5261 MC-V5267 MC-V5268 MC-V5269 MC-V5271 MC-V5278 MC-V5297

MC-V5320 MC-V5325 MC-V5330 MC-V5340MC-V5355 MC-V5370

MC-V5710 MC-V5715 MC-V5716 MC-V5720 MC-V5725 MC-V5726 MC-V5730 MC-V5734 MC-V5737 MC-V5740 MC-V5744 MC-V5745 MC-V5746 MC-V5750 MC-V5760

MC-V6945 MC-V6950 MC-V6975

MC-V7305 MC-V7309 MC-V7311 MC-V7312 MC-V7314 MC-V7315 MC-V73151

Made by Panasonic.

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