Panasonic U3 U6 U7 vacuum bags (21 bags)


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21 upright Panasonic vacuum bags.

This allergen filtered vac bag is the same size as Panasonic upright bag:

  • Type U
  • Type U-1 (Type U1)
  • Type U-3 (Type U3)
  • Type U-6 (Type U6)
  • Type U-7 (Type U7)
This upright vacuum bag also replaces the following Panasonic package #'s:
  • MC-115P (MC115P)
  • MC-115PT (MC115PT)
  • MC-130P (MC130P)
  • MC-130PT (MC130PT)
  • MC-142P (MC142P)
  • MC-142PT (MC142PT)
  • MC-V145M (MCV145M)
  • MC-V145MT (MCV145MT)

This bag is also a replacement for Pansonic bag AC16KJYZ00 and AC16KBYTZ000.

This Panasonic bag offer a higher level of filtration than the previously referenced bag types above.

99.7% filtration, doubles effective bag capacity. 9 bags in a package.Captures microscopic particles and germs as small as 0.1 micron.

These vacuum bags will fit the following Panasonic upright vacuums

MC-V5502, MC-V5005, MC-V5017, MC-V5247

MC-V5710, MC-V5725, MC-V5734, MC-V5744

MC-V7305, MC-V7365, MC-V7367, MC-V7377, MC-V7395, MC-V7400D

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