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Panasonic U-2 U-10 U-12 U-20E Vacuum Bag (21 bags)


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Total of 21 disposable Panasonic Type U-2 (U2) allergen filtration vacbags. Replacement for Panasonic bag U-10 (U10), U-12 (U12) and U-20E (U20E).

21 vacuum bags for Panasonic vacuum series: MC-E40, MC-E50, MC-E400 and MC-E500. High quality allergen bag.

Panasonic U12, U2 and U20E paper vacuum bag replaces Panasonic bag part AC16KDDWZ000, MC117PF, MC-117PF, AMC-B1EP, AMCB1EP, MC-V155M, MCV155M .

The following Panasonic upright vacuum can also use this vacuum bag:

MC-GG213 and MC-UG413 and MC-UL815

MC-UG502, MC-UG581, MC-UG583

MC-UG725, MC-UG727, MC-UG773, MC-UG775

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