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Panasonic U-12 Vacuum Bags (3)


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Upright Panasonic U-12 vacuum cleaner bags in a package of 3. Panasonic U-12 bags fit the Panasonic MC-UG773 and MC-UG775 and upright Panasonic vacuums that use the Type U-12 sized bag.

High quality allergen paper vacuum bags. Same size as Panasonic bag MC-V155M and MC-V155MT.

U-12 bags will fit Panasonic models MC-UG583 , MC-UL815 , MC-UG581 , MC-GG213 , MC-UG725 , MC-UG502 , MC-UG728 , MC-UG727 , MC-UG775 , MC-UG413 , MC-UG773.