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Panasonic MC-V191H HEPA Filter


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Panasonic part # AC37KAAEZ00. MC-V191H Panasonic vacuum cleaner HEPA filter.

MCV191H Hepa filter replaces Panasonic filter AMC37KAAEZ00. 1 Hepa filter replacement per package.

Examples of Panasonic upright MC-V51000, MC-V52000 and MC-V5300 series Panasonic vacuum cleaners that use the MC-V191H filter include:

MC-V225, MC-V5110, MC-V511000, MC-V5203, MC-V5204, MC-V5237, MC-V5238, MC-V5247, MC-V5248, MC-V5258, MC-V525800, MC-V5268, MC-V526800, MC-V5278, MC-V7348, MC-V7358