Panasonic AC30KZAZ00 Filter


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Panasonic filter AC30KZAZ00.

Electrostatic vacuum filter replacement.

Replaces Panasonic filter AMC30K-ZAZ0000.

This filter is located in the door of the Panasonic upright vacuum.

Approximately 2-1/16" x 7-3/8".

Examples of Panasonic vacuums that use filter AC30KZAZ00 include:

MC-V6915, MC-V6945, MC-V6950, MC-V6970, MC-V6975, MC-V6980, MC-V6985

MC-V7315, MC-V73151, MC-V7320, MC-V73201, MC-V7325, MC-V7335, MC-V73351

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