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Oreck XL Type CC - Housekeeper Deal (28 bags 2 belts)


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Includes 16 Type CC allergen vacuum bags, 12 Housekeeper allergen vacuum bags and 2 upright Oreck vacuum cleaner belts.

The Oreck CC bag is designed to fit all upright Oreck XL and XL21 series lightweight upright vacuums since 1997.

CC bags replace the Oreck Celoc and High Density CCPK8, CCPK8DW, PK20008DW, PK80009 and PK80009DW Oreck XL bags.

Oreck HouseKeeper and Buster B handheld portable canister vacuum bags fit all Oreck Handheld vac models BB180, BB280, BB850, BB870, BB880, BB900, BB1000, BB1100, BB1200 and MV160.