Miele U Vacuum Bags Bundle (4 boxes)


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4 individual packs of Type U Miele bags make up a bundle.

Genuine Miele vacuum bags Type U for the upright Miele U1 and S7 vacuum series.

The TOTAL count of the items included in a Miele U bag bundle includes:

  • 16 U dust bags
  • 8 filters

Examples of S7 upright Miele vacuums include the: Jazz, Twist, AutoEco, Bolero, Calypso, Tango and Swing.

They are models with the S7 series which ranges from s7000 to s7999.

Miele U bags are currently branded as AirClean, In the past they have been referred to as HyClean. Miele item number 07805130.

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