Miele SES105 Electric Vacuum Hose


Sold Out

This electric vacuum hose replacement fits Miele S312i, S314i and S401i model canister vacuums. Some of these canister vacuums have names like White Star, Red Star, Corn Yellow and Blue canister.

The actual model number of your canister should match one of the three mentioned above.

The SES105 hose has a handle featuring an on / off power switch to disable the motor in the carpet cleaning power head so you can turn off the roller and clean smooth surface floors.

SES 105 replacement canister vac hose also has an electric pigtail cord at the end that connects to your canister vacuum. This is a crush proof hose and it is made by Miele.

This Miele hose can be used with the Miele SEB213, SEB224 and SEB234 carpet cleaning power nozzles.

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