Miele SES100 Electric Vacuum Hose


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For S200 Series canisters with an Electric Power Nozzle outlet. This hose will NOT work with Miele models S-238i and S-278i.

This crush proof Miele vacuum hose has an electric pigtail on the end that is physically plugged into the canister vacuum cleaner. The electric connection on the end that connects to your power head is built into the hose.

The handle section of this hose includes the suction adjustment slide and a finger tip power switch to stop the power head brush from spinning when you vacuum smooth surface floors.

Examples of S200 Miele canisters that use the SES100 hose include:

S270i Carbic

S256i Black Diamond, S251i Miele Plus or Compact

S248i Flamenco, S247i Ivory Jewel, S246i Naturell

S227, S227i, S230, S230i, S234, S234i, S240, S240i, S241, S246, S247, S248, S256, S280i, S290, S291

This hose inner diameter measures 32 mm and is approximately 8 feet long. The connection that fits into the canister swivels to prevent the hose from twisting during use.

The SES100 electric vacuum hose can be used with the Miele SEB 234, SEB 224 and SEB 213 carpet powerheads.

This SES100 hose is made by Miele.

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