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Miele S7280 Jazz


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Miele Jazz S7280 is an upgraded version of the Miele Twist. It features better filtation and has a head light at it's base.

The Jazz is just as strong as more expensive Miele S7 series upright vacuum cleaners and only has a few less features than the top models.

Miele JAZZ S 7280 Features:

  • Miele HEPA Filter

  • Head Light

  • Color: Melon Yellow

  • Suction regulated by rotary dial knob.

Miele Jazz Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

  • Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 starts by consumers on Amazon.

  • This vacuum was rated very well by

  • 5 out of 5 by consumers on Epinions.

  • "Strong buy if you want high end" -

  • The Miele JAZZ shares the following features with the Miele Twist, Cat & Dog and AutoEco vacuums:

    • Patented Swivel-neck for maximum maneuverability

    • 360 front castor wheels

    • Anti-tipping device for enhanced stability when using included accessories

    • Low-profile electrobrush passes under low-clearance furnishings

    • Impressive 54-foot cleaning radius

    • Reinforced, ergonomic handles for both operation and transport/carrying

    • 39-foot electrical cord

    • Weighs approximately 22 pounds.

    • 12-foot, integrated, flexible hose
    Power Motor
    • 1,200-Watt, Miele-made Vortex Motor
    • 4,800 r.p.m. brush roller motor
    • 2-motor system, with separate control for electrobrush
    Filtration System
    Tools Included
    • Dusting brush
    • Upholstery tool
    • Crevice nozzle
    • Lightweight, telescopic, stainless steel wand

    Quick Recap: The Miele Jazz offers Miele quality HEPA filtration and it has a head lamp. If you don't mind adjusting the suction of the vacuum via rotary dial and you don't have a pet that sheds or kind of smells sometimes than this vacuum provides a good value in our opinion. If your residence has wall to wall carpet you probably won't be adjusting the suction anyway.