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Miele S7210 Twist


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S7210 Miele Twist has the same motor, ability to swivel and maneuver as higher priced Miele S7 upright vacuum cleaners.

The Twist is a very practically priced vacuum in the Miele S7 series. It is a slightly stripped down version of the Miele Jazz and Miele AutoEco.

Miele Twist S 7210 Features:

  • Miele Super Air Clean Filter

  • Suction controlled by rotary dial.

  • Color: Royal Blue

  • No Head Light

Miele Twist S7210 Reviews

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  • 4.4 stars out of 5 -

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  • 4.5 stars out of 5 -

The Miele Twist also features

  • Patented Swivel-neck for maximum maneuverability

  • 360 front castor wheels

  • Anti-tipping device for enhanced stability when using included accessories

  • Low-profile electrobrush passes under low-clearance furnishings

  • Impressive 54-foot cleaning radius

  • Reinforced, ergonomic handles for both operation and transport/carrying

  • 39-foot electrical cord

  • Weighs approximately 22 pounds.

  • 12-foot, integrated, flexible hose
Power Motor
  • 1,200-Watt, Miele-made Vortex Motor
  • 4,800 r.p.m. brush roller motor
  • 2-motor system, with separate control for electrobrush
Filtration System
Tools Included
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Lightweight, telescopic, stainless steel wand

Quick Recap: The Miele Twist is a very good value for consumers who don't need any of the additional features included in other Miele S7 upright vacuum series models. In our opinion this vacuum is an excellent value, especially when compared to lesser brands like Dyson. The filtration can be upgraded by purchasing a HEPA filter and if any other accessories are desired you will still come out with a very fair price on a high quality vacuum.

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