Miele GN Vacuum Bags Bundle (4 boxes)


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4 individual boxes of Miele GN bags are in a bundle. The TOTAL count of items included in Miele GN bundle of bags includes:

  • 16 GN dust bags
  • 4 Super air clean exhaust filters
  • 4 Secondary filters

The Miele GN vacuum cleaner bags are designed to fit the following Miele mid-size canister vacuum models:

  • S400i thru S456i
  • S600 thru S658
  • S800 thru S858
  • S2000 thru S2999
  • S5000 thru S5999
  • S8000 thru S8999

The Miele GN dust bags replace the Miele Type G bag and the Miele Type N bag.

Genuine Miele vacuum product.

Some of the Miele canister vacuums that utilize GN bags are the:

  • Allergy Control S428, Allergy Control S438, Ariel S5210, Aquarius S5580
  • Blue Moon S658
  • Callisto S5280, Capricorn S5980
  • Deluxe Full Size S624
  • Earth S5481
  • Gemini S5380
  • Leo S5381
  • S2 Olympus
  • Park Avenue S5283, Pisces S5280, Profi S412
  • White Pearl S434, White Pearl S444

Miele GN bags are currently branded as AirClean, In the past they have been referred to as HyClean and Intensiveclean. Miele item number 09338530.

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