Miele FJM Vacuum Bags Bundle (4 boxes)


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4 individual boxes of Miele FJM bags are in a bundle. The TOTAL contents of the FJM bags bundle includes:

  • 16 FJM dust bags
  • 4 super air clean filters
  • 4 dust compartment filters

Have you changed the Miele vacuum filter in your canister lately?

Miele FJM vacuum cleaner dust bags fit the following Miele compact style canister models:

  • S241 thru S256i
  • S290 and S291
  • S300i thru S399
  • S500 thru S578
  • S700 thru S758
  • S6 canisters Topaz Jasper Onyx & Red Velvet
  • S4000 thru S4999 (Galaxy Series)

FJM bags will still fit older Miele canisters that use a Miele Type F, Type J, or Type M dust bag. Genuine Miele Style FJM vacuum bags. Some of the Miele canister vacuum cleaners that utilize a FJM vacuum bag are the:

  • Aluminium S548, Ambiente S334i, Antares S4210, Artico S544
  • Bahama Blue S318i, Black Diamond S256i, Blue Magic S336i
  • Capella S4210, Carina S4210, Cat & Dog S516, Champagne S548i, Crystal S524i
  • Deluxe S524
  • Eclipse S4582, Exclusive S548i
  • Flamenco S248i, Flamenco II S251
  • Ivory Jewel S247i
  • Luna S4580
  • Mercury S524i, Miele Plus S251, Medivac S318, Monte Verde S538
  • Naturell S246i, Neptune S4212
  • Onyx S6270, Orion S4780
  • Platinum S344i, Polaris S4212
  • Red Star S314, Red Velvet S558, Royal Blue S314
  • Quartz S6270
  • Silver Moon S558, Sirius S4210, Solaris S514, Solaris Turbo Plus S514, Solaris Electro Plus S514
  • White Star S314

Miele FJM dustbags are currently branded as AirClean, In the past they have been referred to as HyClean and Intensiveclean. Miele bag item number 09338520.

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