Miele Cat and Dog Care Kit SCD10


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This kit if made for Pet owners who own a Miele S6000, S5000, S4000 series Miele canister vacuum.

Also referred to as the Pet Care accessory kit. Miele SCD 10 number 41996540D.

This kit contains the following accessories:

Mini Turbo Brush STB101 - This suction powered turbo brush has a small roller inside. Made for cleaning hard to reach places, steps with carpet and some upholstery. Great for removing pet hair and crumbs.

Crevice Tool SFD 20 - short and flexible crevice tools for cleaning awkard and narrow spots around the house or in your car.

Hygiene Cap SHV 10 - This caps plugs into your canister vacuum hose area after you have removed the hose for storage. It has charcoal pellets in it to stifle any scents that may escape from your vacuum while it is being stored.

Charcoal Air Clean Filter AAC 50 - This filter is a combination of the Super Air Clean filter and charcoal. Charcoal neutralizes scents while your are operating your canister vacuum.

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