Kirby Vacuum Belt


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This vacuum belt fits ALL Kirby vacuums.

This replacement belt fits around the brush roller that cleans your carpet while you vacuum.

All Kirby vacuums use the same size belt for the brush roller.

Examples of older and current Kirby belt part numbers include 301291, 301289 and 301282

This vac belt will fit every Kirby vacuum model roller brush, including:

  • Avalir
  • Sentria II (Sentria 2)
  • Sentria
  • G10 and G10D
  • The Ultimate G Diamond Edition
  • The Ultimate G
  • G7D and G7
  • G 2001 Limited Edition (G2001)
  • G 2000 Limited Edition (G2000)
  • G6 and G6D
  • Gsix (G six)
  • G5 and G5D
  • G4 and G4D
  • Generation 3 and G3D
  • Legend II
  • Legend
  • Heritage II
  • Kirby model 2HD (2-HD)
  • Heritage
  • Heritage 84
  • Kirby model 1HD (1-HD)
  • Tradition 3-CB (3CB)
  • Classic (1-CR, 1CR)
  • Classic Omega (1-CB, 1CB)
  • Classic III (Classic 3, 2-CB, 2CB)
  • Sanitronic D50
  • Sanitronic D80
  • Sanitronic VII (516)
  • 505 to 515 models

Kirby belts should be changed every year. They stretch over time and by use. When a belt is stretched it will reduce the cleaning effectiveness of a vacuum.

Single replacement Kirby vac belt.

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