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Kirby Sentria Vacuum Bags (6 bags)


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Universal sized Kirby bags. Replaces Kirby F-style and Twist-style vacuum bags. Fits ALL Sentria vacuums, including the Sentria II.

These bags also fit all Kirby G series vacuums, including: Diamond Edition, Ultimate G, G2001, G2000, Diamond Edition, G7, Gsix, G5, G4 and Generation 3 models.

Kirby Micron Magic HEPAfiltration with MicroAllergen Technology. Kirby HEPA vacuum bag 204811. 6 hepa bags in a package.

These bags fit all Kirby vacuums that use a Style F OR that have a round vacuum outlet (not oval)

These G10, G10D and G10E also use this size bag. Kirby HEPA bag 204811 is an upgrade to Kirby bag numbers 2048082, 197308, 197309, 197208 and 197209. Same size the Kirby bag 205811.

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