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Kirby Sentria Vacuum Bags (2 bags)


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Bags for all Kirby Sentria and Avalir vacuums, including the new Sentria II. This is a universal sized bag. It replaces the Kirby F bag and it will fit older Kirby Sentria vacuums, G6, G5, G4, G2001, G2001 and Ultimate G models.

2 HEPA vac bags in a pack. Micron Magic HEPAfiltration bags. Kirby part number 205811.

These bags fit all Kirby vacuums that use a Style F OR that have a round vacuum outlet (not oval)

Kirby G10, G10D and G10E also use this size bag. Kirby HEPA bag 205811 is an upgrade to Kirby bag numbers 205808, 197208 and 197209.