Hoover WindTunnel Stretch Hose 43434031


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This stretch hose fits a very large variety of Hoover WindTunnel, WindTunnel Self-Propelled, WindTunnel Supreme, WindTunnel Breathe Easy, Savvy, Empower, FoldAway and Widepath Tempo upright vacuums.

Replacement for Hoover part:

  • 43434031
  • 43434248
  • 440007333
  • 440007427

1 1/2" diameter machine end. Has two locking pins which secure the hose to the vacuum cleaner.

The other end of this hose is extra large and fits OVER wands and attachments.

Examples of Hoover upright vacuum cleaners this stretch hose fits includes:

UH50000, UH50005B

U5142, U5144, U5146, U5147, U5148, U5154


U5301, U5302, U5330, U5344, U5347, U5349, U5351, U5361, U5363, U5365, U5393, U5394, U5395, U5396, U5397, U5398, U5399

U5402, U5403, U5415, U5416, U5421, U5423, U5432, U5433, U5434, U5435, U5436, U5437, U5438, U5439, U5443, U5444, U5445, U5446, U5447, U5449, U5450, U5451, U5453, U5454, U5456, U5457, U5459, U5461, U5463, U5464, U5465, U5469, U5475

U6401, U6423, U6425, U6429, U6430, U6431, U6432, U6433, U6434, U6435, U6436, U6437, U6439, U6441, U6445, U6446, U6449, U6450, U6451, U6453, U6454, U6455, U6456, U6458, U6459, U6460, U6470, U6474, U6476, U6485

U6600, U6618, U6462, U6471, U6473

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