Hoover Upholstery Tool 38614044


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Hoover upright vacuum upholstery tool part 38614044. Replaces Hoover part number 38614037.

This Hoover upholstery tool fits a lot of the upright Hoover WindTunnel models including but not limited to:

U5140900, U5172900, U5175900, U5262910, U5265900, U5269900, U5458900, U5460900, U5462900, U5467900, U5468900, U5470900, U5471900, U5472900, U5473900, U5481900

U6439900, U6454900, U6485100, U6485300

U8125900, U8125960, U8135900, U8145900, U8150900, U8151900, U8153900, U8155900, U8157900, U8161900, U8163900, U8172900, U8174900, U8181900, U8187900, U8188900

UH30015, UH30030HD, UH30070, UH30085

UH40110, UH40155, U5762900, UH40020, UH40145B, UH40265

UH50000, UH50005B, U5753900, U5760900, U5786900

U6630900, U6634900, UH60000, UH60010

L2310 and L2315

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