Hoover Final Filter 40110004


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Hoover filter 40110004.

Hoover package 38766-009 (38766009).

Designed to fit all NON Self Propelled Hoover uprights with Hoover Allergen Filtration.

Hoover final filter made by Hoover.

2 filters in a pack.

Exhaust filter that fits in the door on the side of the upright vacuum.

This Hoover final filter measure approximately 6 5/8"" x 3 5/16"" x 1/2"". It has one white layer. Older versions had a green layer, a yellow layer and a white layer.

Fits (but not limited to) Hoover models:

Hoover Upright U5348911 U52719RM U52729RM U53029RM C1701900 U5146900 U5409955 U5416900 U5438960

Spirit Upright U5016900 U5014900

Tempo Bagged Upright U5144900 U5148900 U5150900

Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright UH30015 U5140900 U5018900 UH30030HD U5145900

WindTunnel Lite U5404900 U5402900 UH30085

WindTunnel Supreme Bagged Upright U5453900 U5458900 U5458910 U5467900 U5468900 U5470900 U5472900

WindTunnel U5460900 U5462900 UH30070 U5436950 U5473900 U5491950 EH51000 U53019RM U54219RM U5491900 U5481980 C1710900

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