Hoover Exhaust Filter 305687001


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Hoover exhaust filter assembly 305687001 for select Windtunnel 2 and Windtunnel 3 bagless upright models.

Examples of upright Hoover Windtunnel 2 and 3 models that use filter replacement part 305687001 include:

WindTunnel 3 Pro Bagless - UH70900 UH70900CDI UH70901PC UH70905 UH70905DI UH70909

WindTunnel 2 High Capacity Bagless - UH70800 UH70801PC UH70805 UH70805DI UH70809

WindTunnel 2 High Capacity Pet Bagless - UH70810 UH70811PC UH70815CDI UH70816 UH70817 UH70819

WindTunnel 2 Rewind Bagless - UH70820 UH70821PC UH70825 UH70829

WindTunnel 2 Rewind Pet Bagless - UH70831PC UH70830 UH70832 UH70839

Hoover uprights - UH70811PDI UH70800CDI UH70801PDI UH70839CDI UH70831PDI

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