Hoover Crevice Tool 38617033


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Replacement Hoover crevice tool attachment part number 38617033. This crevice tool is approximately 7 inches in length.

This Hoover crevice attachment is designed to fit older Hoover upright vacuum cleaners that have 1 1/4 inch wand andthe black attachments fit OVER the hoses and wands.

Replaces Hoover part numbers 38617024 and 92001194.

Examples of Hoover vacuums that use this crevice tool include:

C1412-900 C1414-900

L2310 L2315

S1156 S5676 S5678 S5682 S5684 S5686 S5688 S5694 S5716

UH30070 UH30085 UH40020 UH40065 UH40110 UH40115 UH40125 UH40145B UH40265 UH50000 UH50005B

U5458-900 U5458-910 U5460-900 U5462-900 U5467-900 U5468-900 U5470-900 U5471-900 U5472-900 U5473-900 U5481-900 U5491-900 U5491-950 U5753-900 U5762-900 U5786-900 U6439-900 U6454-900 U6485-900

U8181-900 U8187-900 U8188-900 U8311900 U8347-900 U8351-900 U8351-950 U8361-900 U8371-900 U9125-900 U9145-900

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