Hoover 48414125 / 484141258 WindTunnel V2 Rollers


Sold Out
4 rollers total. You will receive 2 marked L for the Left side and 2 marked R for the right side. Hoover V2 Windtunnel part number 48414125. Replacement vacuum cleaner brush roll. Hoover part # 48414125 / 484141258.

Fits the following V2 Hoover upright vacuum cleaner models: U8120-900, U8121-900, U8122-900, U8125-900, U8125-960, U8126-900, U8126-990, U8130-900, U8131-900, U8132-900, U8134-900, U8135-900, U8140-900, U8141-900, U8142-900, U8143-900, U8144-900, U8145-900, U8146-900, U8147-900, U8148-900, U8149-900, U8150-900, U8151-900, U8153-900, U8155-900, U8157-900, U8161-900, U8163-900

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