Hoover 38528-040 Style 190 Belt


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This belt is replaces Hoover belt 38528-027.

Hoover part 38528-040 (38528040).

Hoover package 40201190 (0201-190).

Hoover style 190 belt.

2 replacement vac belts.

Replacement belt for Hoover:

  • EmPower, Fold Away, Fusion
  • Spirit, Sprint, Bagless, Elite
  • Caddy Vac w/Removable Tool Rack
  • Soft & Light, Soft Guard
  • Breathe Easy vacuum cleaner models

Brush roll belt 38528040 fits a lot of current and older upright vacuum cleaners, including the following Hoover models:

Agility Cyclonic Bagless UH70060, Breathe Easy U5104900 and Breeze U5025906

Cyclonic Bagless UH70070, Elite series C1404, C1414900

Elite Rewind Bagless UH40150HD, UH40070, U5509950, U5507950, U5512900, U5509900, U5507900

EmPower U5265900, U5269900, U5260950, U5263900, U5266950, U5269955, U5260900, U5268950, U5268970, U5262900, U5265955

Fold Away U5172900, U5175900, U5162911, U5165900, U5170900, U5174900, U5176950, U5177900, U5179900, U5179906, UH40155, U5164900, U5175950, U5162906

Fusion Cyclonic Bagless U5180950, U5183900, U5180900

Hush Bagless C1660900 and Legacy Elite U5511900

Mach 3 Bagless U5180955, U5180910W, UH70005B, U5180910 and Mach 4 Bagless U5183910

Maytag Legacy Cyclonic Filtration U5185900, Powermax U5182900, U5244930 and Runabout U5173950, U5173900, U5023900

Soft and Light Supreme U4266930, Soft Guard U5255950, C1702900, C1700900 and Spirit U5014900, U5016900

TurboPower U5167950, U5046930, U5135900, TurboPOWER 2200 U5076930, TurboPOWER 3100 Fold Away U5167900, U5178900, Turbo 4600 EmPower U5268900 and WindTunnel C1710900

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