Hoover 38528-035 Style 170 Belt


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Belt 38528035 is most commonly found on Self-Propelled WindTunnel upright bagged and bagless vacuum cleaner models.

2 replacement vac belts.

These belts only fit the brush roller.

Replacement Hoover vac belt part:

38528-035 (38528035)

Style 170


Hoover Self Propelled WindTunnel upright vacuums that use belt 38528035 includes:

Mach 5 Cyclonic Bagless - U5194900

Mach 6 Bagless Upright - U519890

Mach Cyclonic - UH70040W

Platinum Bagless Upright UH70010 UH70015 UH70020 UH70010CA

Self Propelled Ultra Bagged Upright - U6445906

Self Propelled WindTunnel - U6426900 U6637960 U64019RM

Self Propelled WindTunnel Bagged Upright - U6420900 U6476900 U6476910 U6485100 U6485300B U6485900 U6485900PC UH50000 UH50005B

Self Propelled WindTunnel Bagless - U6637900 U6632900 U6616900 UH60000 UH60000W U66009RM U6607900 U6630900 U6634900 UH60010 U6617960

Self Propelled WindTunnel Breathe Easy - U6485200B

Self Propelled WindTunnel Premium - U6471900

Self Propelled WindTunnel TurboPOWER 8100 - U6618900

Self Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Bagged - U6439900 U6454900

Self-Propelled WindTunnel TurboPower - U6436900

WindTunnel + Cyclonic - U5780900 U5781900 UH70035B

WindTunnel 2 - U8315960 U8341900 U8347900 U8311900 UH30065 U8341950 U8351950 U8361950

WindTunnel 2 Complete - U8371900 UH40060CA

WindTunnel 2 Extra Reach - U8351900

WindTunnel 2 Surface Command - U8361900

WindTunnel Self-Propelled Ultra - U6434900

This Hoover vacuum belt does stretch over time and it is a good idea to replace it annually.

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