Hoover 38528-033 Style 160 Belt


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Roller belt for bagless Hoover WindTunnel WidePath, PowerMax and Tempo vacuum cleaner models.

Does NOT fit Self-Propelled models.

2 replacement belts for Hoover. Known as Hoover part no:

38528-033 (38528033)

40201160 (package number)

Style 160

This belt is common to Wind Tunnel and Tempo uprights models that DO NOT have the automatic transmission which makes the machine automatically go forward and backward.

Examples of Hoover uprights that use the style 160 belt number 38528033 include:

Tempo Upright - U5150900, U5148900, U5473900W, U5144900

Tempo Widepath Bagless Upright - U5155900 U5156900 U53029RM

Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright - U5140900 U5145900 UH30015 UH30030HD

WindTunnel Bagged Upright- U5473900 U5491900 UH30070

WindTunnel Bagless Upright - UH40020 U5753900 U5760900 U5786900 UH40065 UH40125 UH40145B UH40265

WindTunnel Lite Bagged Upright - UH30085 U5402900

WindTunnel Self-Propelled Bagged Upright - U6485900B

WindTunnel Supreme Bagged Upright - U5458900 U5458910 U5467900 U5468900 U5470900 U5472900

WindTunnel T-Series Bagless Upright - UH70106 UH70100RM

WindTunnel T-Series Rewind - UH70110RM

WindTunnel Upright - EH51000 U5460900 U5462900 U5753980, U5768900, U5725960, C1703900, C1712900, U5481980, U5725900, U5752900, U5491950, U5404900, UH40115CA, U5436950, U5720960, U5720950, U5453900, U5753960, C1705900, U5753950, U5760910

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