Eureka Victory Whirlwind Upright 61028-1 Stretch Hose


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This stretch hose does NOT have a button lock. Genuine Eureka vacuum cleaner hose part number 61028-1 (610281).

This stretch hose replacement will fit members of the following Eureka upright vacuum series:

4300, 4400, 7827, 7890, 7600 and 7640

Examples of 4300 and 4400 series upright vacuum cleaner made by Eureka that use vacuum hose part 61028-1 include:

4331AA 4333A 4334AT 4335ET 4335FT 4336ATH 4336BTH 4337ATH 4337BTH 4340ET 4341AT 4341ATV 4352ET 4354AT 4377ATV 4380ATV 4384AT 4386AT 4387AT 4388AT 4388BH 4388BT 4390A 4393A 4393B

4458A 4459AS 4460DT 4460DTM 4460ET 4461AT 4463AV 4464AT 4468A 4469AT 4473AT 4476AT 4476BT 4488AT 4489AT 4496AV 4498AS 4499A 4499B

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