Eureka Upright 61865-4 Vacuum Hose


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Vacuum cleaner hose assembly part 61865-4 (618654). Made by Eureka for Eureka upright vacuum cleaners that use hose part 61865-1, 61865-3, 61865-4, 61865-5 and 61865-6.

Eureka 61865-4 hose is designed to fit the following Eureka upright series:

2940, 2960, 2970, 2980, 2990, 5740, 5800, 5840, 5850, 5860 5892, 5902.

Examples of canister vacuum models made by Eureka that use Eureka vacuum hose 61865-4 include but are not limited to:

5740A 5740A-1

5810A 5810A-1 5810A-2 5811A 5811A-1 5812A 5813AV 5815AV 5815AV-1

5840A 5840A-1 5840AV 5840AV-1 5841A 5841A-1 5841AS 5841AS-1 5841AV 5841AV-1 5841BS 5841BV 5842AV 5842AV-1 5843AZ 5843AZ-1 5844AZ 5845A 5845A-1 5847AV-1 5847AZ 5847AZ-1 5847BV 5847BV-1 5848AV 5848AV-1 5848AV-2 5848AVZ 5849A 5849AN

5850AZ 5850AZ-1 5851AV 5852AV 5853A 5855AN 5855AZ 5855BZ 5856AV 5856BV 5857AZ 5859ASZ

5860AVZ 5892AZ 5892AVZ 5892BVZ 5892BVZ-1

5902AVZ 5902BVZ 5902BVZ-1

Also fits Eureka C5712A and C5712A-1 Commercial upright vacuums.

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