Eureka Style U Extended Life Belt


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Replacement for U vac belt numbers 61120G, 61120F, 61120D, 61120C, 61120B and 61120A.

Style U belt also replaces Eureka belt # 54312, 54312A, 54312B and 54312C.

Fits a lot but not all Airspeed upright vacuums.

Ext-U belt is designed to fit the following Eureka upright vacuum series:

AS1000-AS2030, AS3000-AS3020 (excluding AS3011A, AS4010-AS4030, ASM1020-ASM1070

2900-2990, 3040, 3270-3280, 4100-4760, 5180-5190, 5400-5860

7600-7680, 7770, 8800-8810 and 9000 series.

2 belts. "Extended Life Belts" by Eureka belt.

Eureka uprights that rely on the Eureka Extended Use U belt include the the following vacuum cleaners:

AirSpeed - AS100A AS1051A AS1050A

AirSpeed ABS - 1050A, 1051A, 1052AX

AirSpeed EXACT Reach - AS3008A

AirSpeed Gold - AS1001A, AS1001AX, AS1004A

AirSpeed ONE - AS2013AA

AirSpeed ONE Pet - AS2030BA AS2030A

AirSpeed ONE Turbo - AS2003PAB AS2003PABA

AirSpeed Pet - AS1002A

AirSpeed ULTRA - AS4008A

AirSpeed Zum - AS5203A

AS ONE - AS2113A AS2113AE

AS ONE Pet - AS2130A AS2130AE

Boss Capture - 8803BVZ

Clean Living - 3281BZ

Comfort Clean - 4236AZ, 4238AZ, 4239AZ

Comfort Clean Oh! - 4235AZ

Endeavor NLS - 5400A

LightForce - 300 4717AVZ

LightSpeed - 300 4710GRN, 4710MDR, 4710TRQ

LightSpeed - 4700D, 4711BZ, 4750A, 4752A

Maxima - 4704BLM, 4704FRD, 4704LMP, 4704LTA, 4704ONG

Power Plus - 4703F, 4704IDE, 4704OSP, 4704RSD

Powerline - 4773AZ

WhirlWind Plus - 3279AZ, 3277AVZX

WhirlWind Rewind - 4242A

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