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Eureka Style U Extended Life Belt


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Replacement for U Extended Life Belt # 61120A, 61120B, 61120C, 61120D, 61120G.

The Style U belt is the long lasting version of Eureka belt # 54312, 54312A, 54312B and 54312C. Eureka belt # 54312 is no longer available.

Designed to fit Eureka upright vacuum cleaners:

AS1000-AS2030, AS3000-AS3020 (excluding AS3011A, AS4010-AS4030, ASM1020-ASM1070

2900-2990, 3040, 3270-3280, 4100-4760, 5180-5190, 5400-5860

7600-7680, 7770, 8800-8810 and 9000 series.

Fits most Airspeed upright vacuums.

2 belts. "Extended Life Belts" by Eureka belt.

Eureka uprights that rely on the Eureka Extended Use U belt include the the following vacuum cleaners:

AirSpeed AS100A
AirSpeed ABS 1050A, 1051A, 1052AX
AirSpeed Gold AS1001A, AS1001AX, AS1004A
AirSpeed Pet AS1002A
AirSpeed Zum AS5203A
Boss Capture 8803BVZ
Clean Living 3281BZ
Comfort Clean 4236AZ, 4238AZ, 4239AZbr />Comfort Clean Oh! 4235AZ
Endeavor NLS - 5400A
LightForce 300 4717AVZ
LightSpeed 300 4710GRN, 4710MDR, 4710TRQ
LightSpeed 4700D, 4711BZ, 4750A, 4752A
Maxima 4704BLM, 4704FRD, 4704LMP, 4704LTA, 4704ONG
Power Plus 4703F, 4704IDE, 4704OSP, 4704RSD
Powerline 4773AZ
WhirlWind Plus 3279AZ, 3277AVZX