Eureka Style RR Vacuum Bags (9 bags)


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Eureka SmartVac and Eureka Omega vacuums that are part of the 4780 and 4800 model number series use Style RR vacuum bags.

Eureka 4780 and 4800 upright vacuum models using a RR bag include:

  • SmartVac
  • Boss SmartVac
  • Boss SmartVac Pet Lover
  • Ultra SmartVac
  • Omega Uprights

Eureka vacuum part:

  • 61115
  • 61115-12
  • 61115
  • 61115A
  • 61115B

9 disposable allergen filtration vacuum bags in a pack. 99.7% filtration. Made by EnviroCare. Compare to Eureka filteraire and premium dust bags.

Eureka style RR bags fit Eureka upright vacuum models:

4870, 4870A, 4870AT, 4870ATV, 4870AV, 4870B, 4870BT, 4870D, 4870DT, 4870DT-2, 4870DT-3, 4870F, 4870F-1, 4870G, 4870G-1, 4870MZ-3, 4870SZ-1, 4870SZX-2, 4870T-1, 4870OUZ, 4872, 4872A, 4872AT, 4872B, 4872BT, 4874A, 4874AT, 4875, 4880AT, 4874, 4874B, 4875A, 4880, 4880BT, 4885, 4885AT, 4885B

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