Eureka Style MM Vacuum Bags (81 bags)


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81 Eureka style MM canister vac bags. MM bags fit the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670 and 3680 canister vacuum cleaner series.

Santiaire and Electrolux MM bags are the same size.

  • Eureka Style MM bag replaces Eureka part 60296, 60265A, 60296B and 60296C.

  • and Eureka MM bag # 60295, 60295A, 60295B, 60295C, 60297 and 60297A

  • Allergen paper vacuum bags.

  • Style MM bags fit all new Eureka Mighty Mites using an Eureka MM style vacuum bag

  • Eureka Type MM premium allergen vacuum cleaner bag made for Eureka.

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