Eureka Style AA Vacuum Bags (9 pack)


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The Eureka AA bag slides into the plastic brackets inside the top part of the vacuum chamber (inside the vacuum).

A style AA vacuum bag fills from the top down, making it fairly easy to identify.

Allergen vacuum bags that capture microscopic particles and bacteria as small as 0.1 micron.

9 ultrafiltration vacuum cleaner bags in a package.

Style AA Upright vacuum bags are the same size as Eureka bag part numbers:

15319 and 15788

58236, 58236A, 58236B and 58236C

58623, 58623A and 58623B

Examples of Eureka vacuum cleaner series that use the Style AA vac cleaner bags includes:

4300, 4320, 4330, 4340, 4350, 4370

4400, 4430, 4440 4460, 4470

4600, 4660, 4670

5180 and C4571

HD4570 and SC4570

Comparable in quality to Eureka Filteraire and Eureka Premium Bag.

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