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Eureka STK Dust Cup Filter


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Eureka filter STK style, fits the Eureka stick vac style 96B, 162A, 164B and 169A series only. Replacement for Eureka vacuum cleaner filter part # 61544 and 61544A. For optimum performance, change STK filter every 6 months. Genuine Eureka vac filter.

Examples of Eureka light weight vacs that use the Eureka STK filter include the:

Quick Up - 96DZ, 96F, 96H

Quick Up 169B, 169D, 169GRN, 169MDR, 169TRQ, 169RBL, 169G.

Quick Up 2-in-1 169D, 169GRN, 169MDR, 169RBL, 169TRQ, 169ARD, 169KYB, 169RYN, 169VBD