Eureka SmartVac Stretch Hose 61247-1


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Replacement hose for Eureka 4870, 4872, 4874 and 4875 series upright vacuums.

Eureka part 61247-1 (612471).

61247-1 stretch hose fits Eureka:

  • Ultra SmartVac
  • Boss SmartVac Pet Lover
  • Boss SmartVac
  • SmartVac

Genuine Eureka vacuum cleaner replacement part. Twist this hose onto to your vacuum to attach it.

Eureka SmartVac, Ultra SmartVac, Boss SmartVac and the Boss SmartVac Pet Lover models using this stretch hose 61247-1:

4870, 4870AT, 4870BT, 4870DT, 4870DT-2, 4870DT-3, 4870F, 4870F-1, 4870F-2, 4870G, 4870G-1, 4870GZ, 4870GZ-1, 4870GZX, 4870HZ, 4870HZ-1, 4870HZX, 4870J, 4870K, 4870KE, 4870K-1, 4870K-2, 4870MZ, 4870MZX, 4870MZ-1, 4870MZ-2, 4870MZX-1, 4870MZX-2, 4870MZ-3, 4870PZ, 4870PZ-1, 4870RZ, 4870RZ-1, 4870RZ-2, 4870SZ, 4870SZ-1, 4870SZX, 4870SZX-1, 4870SZX-2, 4870T, 4870T-1, 4870UZ,4880A, 4880B, 4880D, 4880AT, 4880BT, 4885AT, 4885BT

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