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Eureka HF-5 HEPA Filter


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Replacement Eureka HEPA filter HF-5 / HF5 fits Eureka 5700 and Eureka 5800 series upright vacuum cleaners.
Replacement for Eureka part #
  •  61830, 61830A, 61830B
Universal replacement filter for Eureka upright vacuums using HF-5 filters, including:

Eureka Boss 4D Pet Fresh - 5893BVZ
Eureka Whirlwind LiteSpeed Bagless - 5740A,  5740A-1, 5440A-2, 5842AV
Eureka Whirlwind LiteSpeed Bagless - 5842AV-1, 5844AV, 5846AH, 5846AH-1
Eureka Whirlwind LiteSpeed Bagless - 5848AV, 5848AV-1
Eureka Boss Genesis II - 5849A, 5851AV, 5852AV, 5856AV
Eureka Boss Genesis II - 5856BV, 5857AZ, 5860A, 5860AVH
Eureka Boss Genesis II - 5892AVZ, 5902AVZ

5700 and 5800 series models of the Eureka LiteSpeed Bagless, Eureka Boss Genesis and  Eureka Boss Signature also use the HF-5 filter.