Eureka EF-6 Exhaust Filter


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The Eureka EF6 (EF-6) vacuum filter fits Eureka:

AS1000, AS1040, AS1050, AS1100, ASM1000-ASM1150 series upright vacuum cleaners.

EF-6 filter replaces parts:

  • 83091-1
  • 69963

Airspeed upright vacuums that use the EF-6 filter can be bagless or bagged.

Examples of Eureka AirSpeed upright vac cleaners that use Eureka filter size EF-6 include but are not limited to:

  • Air Speed Upright - AS1000A, AS1001A, AS1001AX, AS1002A
  • Air Speed Upright - AS1004A, AS1008AX, AS1041A, AS1049A
  • Air Speed Upright - AS1050A, AS1051A, AS1052AX, AS1053AX, AS1055AX
  • AirSpeed Pro All Surface Rewind -AS1092A
  • AirSpeed Pro All Floors Rewind Pet - AS1061A
  • MyVac Bagged - ASM1066A ASM1075A ASM1076A
  • MyVac Bagless Rewind PET - ASM1105A, ASM1025A, ASM1026A
  • MyVac Bagless Rewind PET - ASM1035A, ASM1036A, ASM1155A
  • MyVac SuctionSeal - ASM1086A ASM1156A
  • MyVac SuctionSeal PET - ASM1085A ASM1106A
  • Suction Seal - AS1101A
  • SuctionSeal PET - AS1104A AS1104A AS1104AX

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