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Eureka DCF-26 Filter


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Eureka AirSpeed AS2000-AS2030 series upright vacuum filter. DCF26 filter is also known as Eureka part number 68465. Fits select AirSpeed vacuums.

Examples of upright Eureka vacuums that use a DCF-26 filter:

Air Speed Ultra - AS4030A AS4008A AS4013A

Air Speed Upright - AS2000A AS2000AA AS2000AE AS2000AEA AS2001FUF AS2001FUFA AS2002PMA AS2002PMAA AS2002TLU AS2002TLUA

Air Speed Upright - AS2011A AS2011AA AS2013A AS2013AA

Air Speed Upright - AS2020A AS2020AA AS2030A AS2030AA