Eureka DCF-21 Filter


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DCF-21 Eureka vacuum filter replacement. The DCF21 filter fits Eureka upright bagless AS1000, AS1040, 3270, 3280, 4230, 4240, 8810, 8860 and 8870 series vacuum cleaners.

DCF21 universal filter for Eureka. Compare to Eureka DCF-21 filter # 68931A and # 68931.

Examples of Eureka vacuum cleaner series 3270, 3280 and the 4230 bagless vacuums that use the DCF-21 include but are not limited to:

AirSpeed - AS1000A AS1001A, AS1001AX, AS1004A AS1002A AS1008

Air Speed AS1041A AS1049A

AirSpeed Zum AS5203A

Clean Living - 3281AZ, 3281BZ

Comfort Clean - 4236AZ, 4238AZ, 4239AZ

Comfort Clean oh! - 4235AZ

CompleteClean - 8873AZ

FilterAir - 8871AZ

Mini Upright 460AZ 470AZ

Pet Lover Lite - 460AZ

Pet Lover Plus - 8862AVZ, 8863AVZ

Pet Pal Bagless - 3271AVZ

WhirlWind Plus - 3282AVZ, 3279AZ, 3277AVZ, 3277AVZX 3272AV

WhirlWind Rewind - 4242A

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