Eureka DCF-18 Filter


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DCF-18 Eureka dust filter replacement.

The Eureka DCF18 filter is the same exact filter as the DCF4 and DCF1 Eureka filters.

Compare to Eureka vacuum filter:

  • 63073C
  • 63073B
  • 63073A
  • 63073

The DCF-18 vacuum filter fits Eureka 4700, 5550 and HP5550 upright bagless vacuums.

Examples of Eureka 4700 & 5500 upright bagless vacuums that use the DCF-18 filter include but are not limited to:

Maxima 4700D 4711BZ 4704BLU 4704PNK 4704PUR 4711BZ

Maxima 4704BLM, 4704FRD, 4704LMP, 4704LTA, 4704ONG

Power Plus 4703F, 4704IDE, 4704OSP, 4704RSD, 4773AZ

Boss Power Plus 4703D 4703BLU

Pet Pal 4716AVZ

LightForce 300 - 4718AVZ, 4717AVZ, 4710GRN, 4710MDR, 4710TRQ

LightSpeed 100 - 4709AZ

LightSpeed 4700D, 4711BZ

Universal Eureka DCF-18 replacement HEPA vacuum cleaner filter.

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