Eureka Canister 53363-4 Mighty Mite Vacuum Hose


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Eureka vacuum hose for Eureka canister vacuums that use a Eureka Style N vacuum bag.

Examples of Eureka canisters using Eureka 53363-4 (533634)vacuum hose:

  •  3109AM, 3109BM, 3123A, 3134A
  •  3140D, 3140E
  •  3620A, 3621A, 3624A
  •  3630A, 3631A, 3632A
  •  3640A, 3641A, 3641B
  •  3650A, 3651A, 3651AM, 3651B
  •  HVC7110
  •  WU1200AV
  •  WWC9000, WWC9020, WWC9030

Universal replacement Eureka vacuum hose for old Might Mite canister 3100 series models using Eureka part 53363-4 (533634).

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